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Great Business Opportunity

9.9 Cents Per Min.Long Distance, FLAT RATE! 24 HRS PER DAY. NO
REQUIREMENT TO REFER OTHERS!! With NeTeL, not only do you get
flat rates as low as 9.9 cents per minute, you also get a free 800/888
number with the same low rate, a no-surcharge, flat-rate calling card,
billing with your local phone bill, and great international rates!, EVEN
MORE! A Wonderful, Powerful Income Opportunity,
Hello, Welcome to LOW, LOW, Long Distance Service, and If you choose, your
very own "FREE INTERNET BUSINESS". Please take a look at something that
cost you nothing, now or ever to join.
NeTel is the SUPER LOW COST Long distance provider you will have that Not
only provides you with WONDERFUL LOW COST LONG DISTANCE, but also
Provides you with your OWN BUSINESS FOR FREE!
We do have a VERY effective means of marketing NeTel on the Internet! I
Provide to you a "FREE" $400 BULK MAIL SOFTWARE! With YOUR NEW
PLUS "CHECKER" SOFTWARE, a $200.00 value. The software that allows you to
take checks by fax, Email, And Phone! Never miss another impluse sale for
lack of a credit card or the slowness of the US Postal Service.
Use Freedom and Checker in the business I provide for you, use Freedom and
Checker in your current business.
Use Freedom and Checker in a future business. It's Free! It is Yours.
You earn constant income with NeTel, just sharing the savings with others.
Plus much much more!
Here are 12 Great Reasons to try NeTeL...
  1. TOLL-FREE 800# Instant Registration (1-800-99-NETEL)
  2. FREE Enrollment as a "Referral" Agent if you use NeTeL Long Distance
     ($15 enrollment fee if you can't switch to NeTeL).
  3. Easy to get customers. Everyone uses long distance.
  4. Complete program starter kit for $8.00 (plus 4.95 shipping). $8.00
     refunded if you sign up 3 customers in 30 days!
  5. 24-hour 9.9 or 13.9 cent FLAT NATIONAL RATE
  6. FREE calling cards with NO surcharges!
  7. 5% Residual-Bonus Incentive (unlimited width)
  8. Easy-to-understand and explain compensation plan
 10. Stable Corporation prepared for a long-term growth.
 11. Monthly commission statements
 12. Monthly TEL3 newsletter
Why not check us out?
Call NeTeL's HOT-LINE: 1-800-99-NETEL or 1-888-333-TEL3. NeTeL's friendly
customer service department will answer any questions you have. You must
have the NeTeL ID# from the person who referred you to this page and you
can sign up right away (GH041369) -- without any paperwork.
For details check out our NeTel page!!!!
YOU ARE NOW IN BUSINESS! That quick, that simple, that easy!

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