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WEB WEALTH: How To Turn THe World Wide Web Into A Cash Hose For You And Your Business!!

Any way you slice it, the Internet is the most important development in the history of human communications. It offers all people with access the ability to

* transmit unlimited amounts of text at unbelieveably low cost

* connect with just the kinds of people they want to

* open new markets without ever leaving their offices

* dramatically lower the cost of their fax and long distance telephone calls

* provide their prospects with everything these people need to know right now and make immediate sale

* make sales 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

That's why this clear, candid, detailed and specific book is so needed right NOW.

In 11 information-dense chapters, you learn

* why every business will be on the web.

* why you must be associated with an Internet Mall to succeed.

* how to create a Web site that gets results.

* how to promote your Web site within the Internet.

* how to promote your Web site off the Internet.

* how to build your business with fax-on-demand technology.

In WEB WEALTH, you also get detailed information for specific business situations, including:

* your local service business.

* your network marketing organization.

* your publication.

* have your own Mall.

* profit as a Worldprofit dealer.


Please print and mail this form to the address below.

Make cheques or money orders payable to Genean Hayes.

Please send me _______ copies of WEB WEALTH. 238 pages $24.95 ea.

I enclose$______.

State and Zip:___________________________

Mail to:

Genean Hayes
1312 E.Carey Ave.
North Las Vegas, NV

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